Remington Curling Wand Review

I have always loved the look of mermaid hair with flowy beach waves. But my locks are bone straight and fine, so it’s quite difficult to achieve long-lasting curls. On my quest for a salt-strewn tousle, I recently tried out a new curling tool. Here are my thoughts on the Remington Curling Wand.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Curling Tool

When shopping for a curling tool, it’s important to have in mind the final look you wish to achieve. Some ladies want subtle waves while others might seek a tight, defined curl. Here is a breakdown of the tool size options:

½ inch could be a good choice for those who wish to achieve old-school ringlets, Shirley Temple style.

¾ inch can work well if you have curly hair and want to touch up a few strands for a more polished look.

The 1 inch is a flexible size. It allows for a lot of different looks, from glamorous party to sexy beach waves. If your hair is on the shorter side, this is as wide as you should go.

The 1 ¼ inch could work especially well if you are after large waves and have long to medium hair.

The 1 ½ inch would be a great choice if you’re after a root lift and volume.

The 2 inches is quite wide, so it can mimic the effect of a round brush and a salon blowout. This makes it perfect for touching-up second-day hair. (Allure)

Another important feature is the difference between a wand and an iron. The wand will not have the clip to hold your hair as it curls. This results in a carefree look and avoids any unwanted crimping.

Even so, the curling iron’s clip can be helpful when gripping shorter hair. If that’s your case, it might be a good idea to invest in an iron instead. (HairStylingGirl)

Since my hair is quite long and I enjoy a softer spiral, I have found wands to be a better choice for me.

The Remington Curling Wand


The Remington Curling Wand promises natural and long-lasting curls with a salon-like finish. It claims that its ceramic wand is infused with pearl technology.

According to Remington, the special coating helps hair look smooth and silky.

The brand offers the wand in two sizes: the slim (½ -1 inch) and the large (1-1 ½ inch) version. Along with your purchase, you receive a heat protectant glove.

This curling wand can help you change up your style and rock wavy hair. But remember, it is a heat product. Those trying to recuperate hair from any type of damage should avoid using the tool every day.

What I Like

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    Available in two wand sizes
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    30-second heat up
  • heart
    Temperature lock
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  • heart
    Cone shape for versatility

What I don't Like

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    No clip - more challenging to grasp short hair
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    Works better on fine to medium strands

Features & Benefits

Two wand sizes

The Remington wands come in two different sizes:

The slim version (½ - 1 inch) could be a good choice if you want a tight ringlet. Another use would be for curly gals who want to give their loops maximum definition. It is common for curls to lose shape during sleep. The result is a frizzy, limp do’ in the morning.

By using a slimmer wand, you can polish up your curls. The secret is to switch directions as you curl each section. So try to alternate curling sections away from your face and towards it.

The large version (1 - 1 ½ inch) is better suited for loose waves. Some of my friends try to cut corners by using their flat irons for this. Personally, I don’t think the end result can quite compare to the work of an actual wand.

My tip is to always apply some sea-salt spray before curling. The added texture helps the wand grip my hair and hold down the style. I also make sure to brush out my locks after they cool off - this gives my hair the messy look that I love.

30-second Heat

Modern life is crazy and the last thing you want is to waste time in the morning. I’ve lost count of how many times I put up my hair in a boring ponytail. I simply didn’t want to wait around for a tool to heat up.

I was impressed when I saw that the Remington offers a quick 30-second warm up. This is useful for ladies who are rushing but still want a cute hairstyle.

Salon High Heat

This product heats up to 410F, something common only in professional tools. It’s nice to have a salon-like product at home, especially when I have a last-minute event.

However, as the tool does get quite hot, be careful when curling hair that is fine or damaged. For softer waves, hold the curl for about 5 seconds. If you want a very defined wave, hold it for an extra 10 seconds.

Make sure you never exceed 15 seconds per strand or you risk damage to your locks in the long-run. And if you’re in hair-rehab, try to limit your use of heat tools to a couple of times per week.

Another useful characteristic is the temperature lock function. This means each strand will receive the same amount of warmth and it’s easy to keep track with the LCD display.

Auto Shutoff

We can all agree that safety comes first, so this a very important attribute. After 60 minutes, the tool shuts down on its own. This ensures peace of mind to forgetful ladies. Or in other words, me!

Cone Shape

Unlike straight-shaped curling irons, the Remington wands come in the versatile cone shape. You can use the slimmer end to style precise curls, but also enjoy a larger curl from the rod’s thicker side.

The result is gorgeous and the curls blend in an effortless manner. One of the reasons why I prefer wands over irons is because the final hairstyle is so natural. My hair never looks too "done".

Another benefit worth mentioning is the pearl ceramic technology coating the rod. This means Remington's surface contains more ceramic than its competitors. The material is commonly used in heat tools, as it helps distribute heat evenly. I always advise my friends on buying from well-known brands. Otherwise, the coating might wear off prematurely.

What Other People Say

I do enjoy research, so I always make sure to read what other people are saying about a product before I give it a try.

When browsing reviews, I found a number of positive opinions over how affordable and easy to use the Remington wand is. Many people also mentioned the tousled look as the end result, so I was eager to experiment.


Heat tools depend on hair type and everybody has a feature they prefer over another. Here are another three options that sound promising for hair curling:

This curling iron from Xtava combines ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic acts on heat distribution while tourmaline ensures a smooth result.

Since the tool comes with the the hair-clip, it could be a good pick for ladies with shorter haircuts. One of my favorite things is how easy it makes curling. Secure hair with the clasp, press down the button and wait for the tool’s auto-rotating function. This might be perfect for anybody who struggles with the clip.​

The product has other interesting features such as the LCD display. It also allows you to play around with eleven different temperature settings. This is a great attribute since you can adapt according to hair type: fine, medium or thick.​

I also like the fact that it has the automatic shut-off function and it is dual-voltage.

What I Like

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    Adjustable temperature
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    LCD Display
  • heart
    Automatic Shut-off
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  • heart
    Long-lasting curls

What I don't Like

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    Only comes in 1-inch size

Bed Head is a well-known brand when it comes to hair styling tools and products. Their curling tool has quite a fun look due to its bubble-like wand. The rod is coated with tourmaline and ceramic, components that heat up fast and ensure a silky finish.

A feature worth mentioning is the adjustable temperature. You can also change the size of curl you want. Spiral over the big bumps for large curls or in between bumps for smaller ones.

Another positive is that you receive a heat protectant glove - something I always look for when using heat tools.

I recommend this product if you are looking for the messy waves of a Rock Star. Yet, if you want a more old-Hollywood, classic ringlet, this is probably not the product for you.

What I Like

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    Adjustable temperature
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    Easy to use - no clasp
  • heart
    Dual voltage
  • heart
    Quick cool-off

What I don't Like

  • stop
    No LCD display for temperature view
  • stop
    No auto shut-off

The Curlipops wand has a tapered barrel that is great for versatility. This is particularly useful if you want a more natural, less pageant-like look.

The wand is coated in tourmaline and ceramic.

I have found that this makes the product glide smoothly throughout the hair. The clamp-free design also makes styling a breeze and reduces the risk of painful snagging.

Another enjoyable feature is the heat adjustment possibility. I love how useful this is when my friends and I are prepping for a night out together. We can all use one single tool.

Although the wand goes up to 400F, it still cools off quite quickly once you turn it off. This is convenient when you need to pack it in your luggage and get going right away.

What I Like

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    Tapered barrel
  • heart
    Heat-protectant glove
  • heart
    Cool tip
  • heart
  • heart
    Natural looking curls

What I don't Like

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    No LCD display
  • stop
    No auto turn-off


I have fine strands and achieving long-lasting curls is a challenge. I also prefer a subtle wave, so wands work better than irons on my long hair. I find the Remington wand to be a great choice for bouncy, but still natural swirls.

Overall, I enjoyed the results from the ceramic pearl technology. My beachy waves last until the next day and my hair never snags on the clip-less design.

Also, if you live with your head in the clouds as I do, you might like the automatic turn-off function. I have found that this safety feature and the LCD display aren’t present in most of its competitors. This helped me decide on the Remington as my favorite.

If you want to switch up your look, the Remington wand could be worth trying out. This is a no-fuss and effective curling wand. I can now sport sexy, mermaid waves every day!