How to Apply Toner to Hair?

How to apply toner to hair? – It can be difficult to navigate the vast selection of hair colouring products on the market today, leaving you apprehensive about your needs. Those who frequently dye their hair are aware of the effort required, but establishing an effective maintenance routine can be time-consuming.

Controlling brassiness is essential for maintaining bottle-blonde hair. The concept of hair toner may initially appear confusing, but we’re here to explain it.

Understanding Hair Toner Hair toner

Hair toner is a product that refines the colour of your hair pigment. Consider it a topcoat that highlights specific tones within your strands and imparts a radiant lustre. Toners can encompass glosses, tinted conditioners, and even semipermanent colours.

Application of Hair Toner

How to apply toner to hair? Application of Hair Toner: After bleaching, toner is utilised to effectively neutralise undesirable brassy undertones. Instead of removing colour, it applies a tone to alter its appearance. This is the key to attaining platinum blonde or silver hair.

Individuals who use bleach or other chemical remedies on their hair frequently should incorporate toning into their routine. Toning assists in neutralising undesirable undertones, erasing orange, yellow, and red colours to create a softer, more natural appearance.

Function of Hair Toner

Hair naturally contains orange and crimson pigments. When bleach is used to lighten hair, these pigments are removed. The amount of brassy undertones is determined by how long bleach is left on the fabric. However, prolonged bleach exposure can cause significant damage and colour change.

The function of hair toner is to modify the blonde hue. It neutralises undesirable warm tones across various hair colour levels. With ten levels of hair colour ranging from the darkest (level 1) to the lightest possible blonde (level 10), stylists typically apply toner at level 7 to neutralise brassy tones.

Applying Hair Toner

In-salon applications utilise toner following a double process service. It may be administered through foils or applied to the entire cranium. Typically, processing takes between five and thirty minutes. A colour wheel assists your hairstylist in selecting the ideal toner hue to complement your hair colour. For example, if your hair has yellow undertones, they would use purple; if your hair has orange undertones, they would use blue.

When toning hair at home, it is essential to follow the instructions on the bottle. The purpose of these toners, which frequently resemble purple shampoo, is to ensure uniform colour. For example, our Blonde Shampoo should be applied to damp hair, left on for five minutes, and then rinsed thoroughly. After shampooing, apply your regular conditioner.

Frequency of Toner Usage

Utilising hair toner once per week typically yields optimal results. This frequency can be adjusted minimally based on the needs of your hair. If you have questions about toner application, consult your cosmetologist for individualised colour theory-based guidance.

Toner typically retains its efficacy for four to eight weeks, depending on how frequently your hair is washed. Choose color-safe shampoos to prevent incremental colour fading caused by washing.

VoCe Purple Shampoo

VoCe Purple Shampoo is an excellent solution for home toning. It effectively combats brassiness by providing a thick lather and the ideal proportion of violet pigment. Additionally, the lavender and jasmine infusion nourishes and softens hair.

When not using purple shampoo, it is equally essential to hydrate your hair adequately. Chemicals and bleach can leave hair brittle and straw-like. Our Hydrate Wash Moisturising Shampoo is formulated with organic ingredients, including shea butter, vanilla cactus, and hibiscus, to address moisture deficiencies.

Holistic Colour Maintenance: Beyond toning, a number of techniques are employed to preserve colour vibrancy:

  • Limit heat styling, and use heat-protecting mists as needed.
  • Protect hair from sun exposure with helmets or products containing SPF.
  • Reduce exposure to chlorine and salinity.
  • Choose shampoos that are sulphate- and paraben-free.
  • Wash hair with tepid water and refrain from over-washing.
  • Utilise leave-in conditioners for added hydration.

Adopting Clean Beauty: Numerous toners contain hazardous chemicals such as toluene and lead acetate, which negatively affect hair and overall health. At VoCe, we prioritise pure beauty by using non-toxic ingredients and adhering to European fragrance regulations.

Understanding hair toner is not necessarily complicated. Consider the complementary colours you learned in art class; by identifying the tones you wish to neutralise, it is simple to locate the appropriate toner. Purple shampoo is effective at combating the yellow, brassy tones that frequently appear in platinum blonde hair.

VoCe is a reputable option for those pursuing toners that are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our haircare products are comprised of globally sourced ingredients and certified organic extracts, and they deliver results. The Essential Haircare Moisture Hydrate Set provides hair that is silky, resilient, and luminous.

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