How to Get Purple Shampoo Out of Hair (Without Causing Damage)

How to get purple shampoo out of hair – If you’ve ever experienced the unexpected result of purple, grey, or pastel hair after using purple shampoo, you’re not alone. While purple shampoo is a great product for counteracting yellow tones in bleached or light-colored hair, it can easily go wrong if not used correctly. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best tips and tricks for removing purple shampoo stains from your hair and how to properly use purple shampoo to avoid staining your hair purple.

Understanding Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is specifically designed to counteract unwanted yellow tones in bleached or light-colored hair. It works by depositing purple or blue pigments into the hair to neutralize any brassiness or yellowness.

Why Does Purple Shampoo Stain Your Hair Purple?

If you’ve ended up with purple or grey hair after using purple shampoo, it’s because the violet pigments in the shampoo have been deposited into your hair. Purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel, which is why it’s used to eliminate yellow tones common in blondes and bleached hair. The same principle applies to other color-depositing shampoos, such as blue shampoos used to get rid of orange tones in bleached or brunette hair.

There are a few reasons why purple shampoo can turn your hair purple:

  • Failure to properly rinse out the shampoo.
  • Porous hair that absorbs too much pigment.
  • Overuse of purple shampoo.
  • Leaving the shampoo in your hair for too long.
  • Using a highly pigmented shampoo that is not suitable for your hair type (typically only applies to those with level 9 or 10 hair using an extremely pigmented shampoo like Fanola).

Will Purple Shampoo Wash Out?

The good news is that the purple staining in your hair is not permanent and will fade with each wash. However, if you want to remove the purple as quickly as possible, there are a few things you can do. We’ll discuss those methods later.

If you’re someone who only washes their hair once a week, it may take weeks for the purple shampoo to fully fade. Unless you intentionally want purple hair, you probably want to remove it sooner rather than later.

The Fastest Way to Remove Purple Shampoo from Hair

While the natural fading through regular washes with your normal shampoo is the easiest way to remove purple shampoo from your hair, there are faster methods available. Stay tuned for the upcoming tips and tricks to help you get rid of purple shampoo stains from your hair quickly and effectively.

How to Remove Purple Shampoo Stains from Hair

After getting your hair done and enjoying the perfect, amazing, and healthy look, you might encounter a mishap with purple shampoo staining. If you’re seeking a fast solution to remove the purple tint, follow this ultimate guide to fading the stain. Keep in mind that some of these methods may strip and dry out your hair, so be sure to deep condition and nourish your locks afterward.

Wash with Hot Water

Open up the hair cuticles by washing with hot water, allowing the purple pigment to escape. For low porosity hair, you can try running hot water over your hair for a few minutes, then wearing a shower cap for 5-10 minutes to further open the cuticles and facilitate pigment removal. This can be especially effective for those with low porosity hair.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo

The quickest way to remove purple shampoo from your hair is by using a clarifying shampoo. These shampoos are designed to eliminate product build-up and residues, effectively stripping away any lingering pigments. Keep in mind that depending on the amount of pigment in your hair, multiple washes may be necessary to completely remove the purple staining. After using a clarifying shampoo, be sure to use a deep conditioner or consider a hot oil treatment with marula oil or rosehip oil to restore moisture.

Try Dish Soap

Surprisingly, dish soap can be an effective way to eliminate purple shampoo stains. Being a degreaser, it can strip away oils and residues, taking the purple pigment with it. However, use it sparingly, as it may leave your hair feeling dry and straw-like. If needed, you can also lather up the dish soap and leave it on for 5-10 minutes to maximize pigment removal.

Utilize Baking Soda

Baking soda is another useful option to strip away unwanted pigment from your hair. You can either mix about 1 tablespoon of baking soda with your shampoo or directly apply it to your scalp and hair, leaving it on for a few minutes before shampooing. Just like with other methods, baking soda can be drying to your hair, so ensure you rinse thoroughly and use a hair mask afterward to restore moisture.

Apply Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural hair lightener and can effectively fade any hair color, including purple. To remove the purple tint, mix equal parts lemon juice and water in a spray bottle and apply it all over your hair. Allow it to sit for a while (the longer, the better), then rinse out and shampoo as usual. You can also mix lemon juice with conditioner or a hair mask to nourish your hair while lightening the color. Applying heat, like sitting under a dryer with a shower cap, can help speed up the process.

Consider Color Remover

In the event that all previous attempts fail to remove the purple shampoo from your hair, you may need to turn to a color remover as a last resort. These products are specifically designed to eliminate hair dye and will strip away any pigments present in your hair. If your hair is entirely saturated with purple dye, a color remover might be the only option left.

It is crucial to be aware that color removers can be harsh and have the potential to damage your hair, so it’s essential to follow up with a deep conditioner after using them. Additionally, refrain from using a color remover more than once or twice, as repeated use can lead to negative effects on your hair.

Additional Tips for Removing Purple Shampoo from Hair

Use Heat

Applying heat can be beneficial in opening up the hair cuticles and expediting the process of removing the purple shampoo from your hair. You have a couple of options here: you can either use a blow dryer to apply heat or wear a shower cap and sit under a dryer. Alternatively, you can simply wear a shower cap in the shower to trap the heat and enhance the effects.

Be Patient

Removing purple shampoo from your hair may require a few washes, especially depending on the amount of pigment deposited and the lightness or darkness of your natural hair color. Be patient throughout the process and keep experimenting with different methods until you discover the one that works best for your hair type.

Deep Condition

After using any of these methods, it is essential to nourish your hair with a deep conditioner. This step will help replenish any lost moisture and prevent further damage. You can choose a store-bought deep conditioner or create your own using ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, honey, and eggs, which can provide excellent natural conditioning benefits.

The time it takes to remove purple shampoo from your hair

varies based on the method used, your natural hair color’s lightness or darkness, and your hair porosity. Different hair types can retain pigment differently.

On average, it will typically require several washes with a clarifying shampoo to completely remove all traces of the purple dye. If you opt for a color remover, it might take a couple of attempts to achieve the desired results. Patience is key throughout this process, as you may need to experiment with different methods until you find the one that works best for your hair type.

While working to remove the purple shampoo, it is vital to prioritize the health of your hair. Be gentle when brushing and applying products to avoid unnecessary damage. Additionally, ensure you use a deep conditioner or other nourishing treatments to restore oils and moisture to your hair. Taking these precautions will help keep your hair in the best possible condition throughout the removal process.

Mastering the Correct Usage of Purple Shampoo

To prevent purple shampoo from staining your hair and achieve the desired results, it’s essential to use it correctly. Follow these steps for effective application:

  1. Rinse Hair: Begin by thoroughly rinsing your hair to remove any dirt or product buildup.
  2. Towel-dry hair: Gently towel-dry your hair until it’s damp but not dripping wet.
  3. Apply Purple Shampoo: Take care to evenly and completely cover your hair with the purple shampoo. To avoid uneven tones like yellow or ash patches, ensure proper coverage.

Timing Matters: Use the purple shampoo sparingly and avoid leaving it in your hair for too long. Start by applying it to the roots and gently massaging it in. Allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes, especially if your hair is very light, and then rinse it out. If you still notice some yellow tones, you can extend the application time by a couple of minutes during your next use.

  1. Rinse Hair Again: After the recommended time has passed, rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the purple shampoo entirely.
  2. Condition: As a final step, apply a suitable conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Purple Shampoo

If you’re wondering how to remove purple shampoo from your hair, chances are you might have made some mistakes in its usage. Here are essential tips to keep in mind when working with color-depositing shampoos:

  1. Don’t Use It Like a Regular Shampoo: Although it’s called “purple shampoo,” using it just like any regular shampoo might not yield the desired results and could lead to staining issues. For optimal outcomes and to prevent staining, apply the purple shampoo to towel-dried hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Using it on sopping wet hair and immediately rinsing will result in minimal pigment retention, leading to unsatisfactory effects. Allowing the shampoo to sit on towel-dried hair enables the pigments to absorb and deposit evenly, effectively neutralizing yellow tones.

Keep in mind that the duration you leave the purple shampoo on will vary depending on your hair type and color level. High porosity hair with a level 9 might only require a minute or two, while low porosity hair with a level 6 might need 5 minutes or longer for optimal results.

  1. Avoid Overuse: Purple shampoo deposits pigment into your hair with each use. Using it excessively can cause your hair color to darken and appear dull, taking you from a bright, cool-toned blonde to a darker shade. Overuse may also contribute to staining issues. To prevent this, refrain from replacing your regular shampoo with purple shampoo. Avoid using it daily or multiple times a week. If you wash your hair daily, using purple shampoo once a week should suffice.

By using purple shampoo correctly and in moderation, you can maintain your desired hair color and avoid unwanted staining issues.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Remove Purple Shampoo from Hair

How to Get Purple Shampoo Out of Hair Extensions?

Removing purple shampoo from hair extensions is as simple as doing it for natural hair. Just follow the steps mentioned above to effectively remove the purple tint from your extensions.

Can Baking Soda Remove Purple Shampoo?

Yes, baking soda can help remove purple shampoo from your hair. However, it may require multiple treatments to completely eliminate the purple stain.

What Happens If You Use Too Much Purple Shampoo?

Using an excessive amount of purple shampoo can lead to darker and more purple-toned hair. Over-depositing pigment may cause your hair color to look dull. If you overuse purple shampoo, it may be necessary to visit a salon to restore your hair’s bright appearance.

What Happens If You Leave Purple Shampoo in Too Long?

Leaving purple shampoo in your hair for too long, especially for lighter hair, can be problematic. It may result in darker and more intense purple tones, and in some cases, it may even cause staining. To avoid this, always adhere to the recommended time on the product’s instructions, usually 3-5 minutes.

Top-Rated Clarifying Shampoos for Eliminating Purple Tint

Neutrogena Exfoliating Healthy Scalp Clarify & Shine Shampoo

Ouai Detox Shampoo

Bumble & Bumble BB Sunday Shampoo

Purple shampoo is a fantastic product for enhancing hair vibrancy when used correctly. The key lies in following the instructions and allowing enough time for the pigments to deposit into your hair strands. However, it’s crucial not to overuse purple shampoos, as this can lead to undesired darker, duller, and even purple-hued hair. If you’re seeking to learn how to get purple shampoo out of hair, these valuable tips will help you remove the product without causing any damage to your precious locks. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the benefits of purple shampoo while maintaining healthy and vibrant hair.

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