Absolute Heat Flat Iron Review

There’s more to straightening your hair than just applying heat. To keep frizz under control, eliminate static and protect your strands from drying out, innovative technology such as the release of negative ions can make all the difference.

The Absolute Heat Pro Ion seems to be a good all round flat iron which fuses various materials to create shiny hair and long lasting results. So let’s take a closer look at some of its features and benefits.

Deciding On The Right Flat Iron For You

Whether you’re new to the world of flat irons or looking to replace an older model, there are lots of things to think about before you decide on the right styler for you.

Should you go for ceramic? Ceramic plated? Titanium? Tourmaline? The product description of a flat iron often contains so much jargon you’ll feel no better informed after reading it than you were before.

The best thing to do before you even start Googling the best flat irons is to think about your hair type, how often you’ll be using it and what sort of styles you want to create.

The more you’re planning on exposing your hair to heat, the better quality you want to make sure you’re investing in. It’s worth spending a little extra money on better materials and advanced technology to protect your hair from damage and get faster results.

The best flat irons have ceramic or titanium plates and are closely followed by ones which have a ceramic coating. Titanium is more lightweight and offers good heat conductivity, whilst ceramic is considered to be healthier for your hair.

As you’re not limited to creating super straight locks, a flat iron can be a great choice for anyone wanting to experiment with their hair and see what styles they can hold, from beachy waves to soft curls.

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the Absolute Heat Pro Ion, which on paper seems to tick all the boxes and is offered at a great price.

This Pro Ion flat iron by Absolute Heat uses titanium, ceramic, infrared and tourmaline to offer a consistent heat distribution and a negative ion output to help tame frizz and flyaways.

It has 1” beveled plates which makes it ideal for creating waves and curls as well as straightening, and it comes in a variety of colors ranging from bright and cheerful to sleek and sophisticated.

It features an adjustable temperature control from 140 to 450ºF (60 to 232ºC) and a digital LCD display which makes it easy to read the exact temperature.

It’s lightweight and has worldwide voltage making it super travel-friendly. It promises to suit all hair types and lengths, including Keratin treated hair, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What I Like

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    Great value for money
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    Travel friendly
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    Auto shut-off safety feature
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    Negative Ion Technology to reduce frizz
  • heart
    Beveled edges for versatile styling

What I don't Like

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    Longer heat-up time to reach maximum temperature
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    Cord is quite stiff and prone to kinks
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    Plates can snag hair

Features & Benefits

Fusion Of Technology

If you can’t decide between ceramic, titanium or far infrared heat, then this model is a great choice for you, as it uses all three!

Titanium offers a fast heat-up time, ceramic helps keep your hair healthy and far infrared offers an efficient and gentle heat which evenly penetrates the hair shaft.

It seems that Absolute Heat have worked on fusing the best materials to help avoid damaging heat spikes and deliver a silky smooth finish.

1” Beveled Floating Plates

When a flat iron has beveled edges, it means that its edges are rounded instead of ending at a right angle. This will be of particular interest to you if you’re planning on using your flat iron to create curls and waves as well as to straighten your hair.

It also helps protect your hair against snagging and breakage and can avoid making kinks and line marks which often occur when using straighteners with blunt edges.

If you’re wondering what difference the size of plates makes, it’s quite simple. Smaller widths are a good choice for most hair lengths but can do a better job on short of shoulder length tresses. They’re also much better for creating curls.

Wider plates make it easier to straighten more areas of your hair in less time, which can be good for longer hair, but aren’t as good for creating versatile styles.

Negative Ions

What do ions have to do with straightening? One of the main reasons so many of choose to straighten our hair is to create a frizz-free, smooth look, and a negative ionic output can help counteract positive ions which enhance static and can turn your locks into a frizzy mess.

Many irons now use tourmaline, a semi-precious stone which is crushed and layered over other materials such as titanium or ceramic. This technology can also help lock in your hair’s moisture to avoid dryness, encourages healthier locks and allows you to straighten with less heat.

Most flat irons which use negative ions to create a smoother look come with a higher price tag, which makes this model particularly appealing due to its medium range price.

Digital LCD Display

The display on this model is easy to read and lets you control the exact temperature you’re after. It offers a wide range from 140º to 450º F (60º to 232ºC) and stops flashing once it reaches your desired temperature.

Range Of Colors

I love the range of colors this model comes in. You can get it in bright shades such as purple or pink, as well as cooler tones such as black, gunmetal gray and white.

If you have more than one flat iron in the house it’s a great way to easily distinguish them. This feature would have solved many an argument between my sister and I a few years ago!

Worldwide Voltage

Very few straighteners offer worldwide voltage, which makes this an ideal choice if you’re planning on using your flat iron in other countries. It works with voltages between 100V - 240V, so all you need to do is remember to pack an adapter for the socket.

Safety Auto Shut-Off

It’s easy to forget to turn off your flat iron, and this handy little feature can help avoid accidents and problems caused by leaving it on for hours whilst you’re out of the house.

It can also help prolong the life of your straightener, makes it safer if you have kids in the house, and can keep your energy bill down.

Rotating Cord

This feature helps avoid getting tangled up in the cord whilst you’re trying to concentrate on styling. It makes it easier to get to those hard to reach segments and is something most high-quality straighteners offer.

The length of this model’s cord also means you have more flexibility to move around and can help avoid it catching on the corner of your dresser or countertop.

Comfortable Grip

Its ergonomic shape seems to have gone down well with users. The level of comfort you feel whilst handling your flat iron can be particularly important if you have long, thick or coarse hair, as it can take an over an hour to tame your locks into smooth, glossy strands.

Lifetime Warranty

Most flat irons come with a 1 or 2-year guarantee, but Absolute Heat seem to be taking things a step further by offering a lifetime warranty on their products.If you decide to buy this flat iron, make sure you register your purchase on their website to be eligible for repair or replacement in case your model becomes faulty, and always keep your receipt in a safe place.

Suitable For All Hair TypesIn this case when they mean all, they do mean all, as this includes Keratin treated hair. This flat iron should deliver an even heat without damaging heat spots, help seal your hair’s cuticles to lock in moisture and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

What Other People Think

Absolute Heat is a relatively new brand which seems to be having great success. I’ve been able to find some good reviews about the product and people seem impressed with its price-quality ratio.

One of the main complaints seems to be how rigid the cord is, but considering the various materials and technology you get at this price, I’d be happy to overlook this.

Other Alternatives

This model has very similar features to the Absolute Heat Pro Ion and is a little lower in price. It has tourmaline ceramic-coated floating plates and helps reduce frizz and flyaways. It has 30 different temperature settings to choose from and only takes about 15 seconds to heat up.

Unlike the Pro Ion which has a digital LCD display, this model uses a rotating dial. Many mid-range flat irons use temperature dials, but the right one for you really depends on personal preference.

This is a great all round flat iron which you can use to straighten or flip and also helps keep your hair looking shiny and healthy thanks to its negative ion technology. At the time of writing the package also includes an Argan Oil treatment for your hair, which is a nice treat.

What I Like

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    Available with 1”, 1¼ “ or 1¾” plates
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    7 colors to choose from 15 second heat-up
  • heart
    30 heat settings up to 455ºF (235ºC)
  • heart
    Automatic shut-off

This flat iron uses infrared heat to penetrate the hair cuticle and apply heat from the inside out, which should help protect from over-drying your strands. It has wider 2” floating plates which are ideal if you have thicker hair.

Its digital display lets you choose the right temperature according to your hair type. 265-300F for delicate or fine hair, 300-380F for normal hair and 380-445F for thick, coarse hair.

This model is a great choice if you never travel without your flat iron, as it has dual voltage and has a lock switch to protect the plates when you’re on the move. It even includes a handy heat resistant travel case.

What I Like

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    2” tourmaline ceramic plates
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    Digital LCD display
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    90 second heat up
  • heart
    10 temperature settings up to 445ºF (229ºC)
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    Automatic shut-off

This Ion iron by Wazor Hair is available at a similar price to the AbsoluteHeat model and comes with 1” ceramic tourmaline coated plates.


It’s lightweight, comfortable to handle and suitable for all hair types.

It uses negative ion technology to eliminate frizz, static and close hair cuticles to make your hair shiny and less prone to damage. It’s a great product for creating straight locks and soft curls, and its narrow plates mean it’s easier to style your bangs without the risk of burning yourself.

The controls are located on the inside of the handle, which means you’re less likely to change temperature or switch it off by accident (which happens more often than you’d think on models with buttons on the outside).

What I Like

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    1” ceramic tourmaline coated plates
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    Digital LCD display
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    30 second heat-up to 356ºF (180ºC)
  • heart
    Temperature control between 284º and 446ºF (140º and 230ºC)
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    30 minute automatic shut-off


Flat irons come in so many shapes, sizes and materials that choosing the right one can feel a little overwhelming. With so many brands promising to be the next big thing, how to decide which material and heat technology to go for?

This model can make this decision a bit easier, as it blends a range of technology and material to offer you fast, smooth, long-lasting results.

It uses titanium, ceramic and tourmaline plates in combination with far infrared heat, which can be the difference between an “ok” finish and salon professional results.

Here’s the link to find out more about the product and see what other reviewers are saying about it: Absolute Heat Pro Ion Iron