HSI Professional Flat Iron Review

Before I bought my first flat iron, I felt a bit apprehensive about how much damage I’d be doing to my hair and whether it was worth investing in a heat tool.

Although I don’t use it every day, I love the versatility that a flat iron gives me and really enjoy creating different styles. In this article, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Flat Iron

If you’re looking to buy a flat iron, it’s because you want to tame your hair into sleek, dead straight locks, right? Actually, not necessarily. Most new flat irons now come with rounded plates so you can use them to create beautiful waves and curls as well as straighten.

This is a great plus as you can get everything you need in one heat tool without splurging on extras such as curling irons, and can save you valuable storage space and money.

Aside from how versatile you’d like your flat iron to be, the next thing to think about is how often you’ll be using it, and what sort of heat your hair needs to behave the way you want it to. Fine, straight hair usually requires lower heat, whilst thick, coarse hair often needs a higher temperature to straighten and de-frizz.

If you’ll only be using it once in awhile, say to experiment with a different hairdo on a night out, I’d recommend a mid-range flat iron with ceramic coated or titanium plates. If you’re planning on using it daily, it’s probably better to go for a higher quality iron which will be kinder to your hair in the long run.

If you have particularly frizzy hair, it’s a good idea to choose a flat iron which offers a negative ionic output, as this innovative technology can do wonders in reducing static and making your style last much longer.

The HSI Pro Digital Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron is a very popular choice for people who are looking for a versatile tool which reaches high temperatures, fights frizz and provides a sleek, smooth finish.

It has a digital LCD display which makes it very easy to control the iron’s exact temperature - which goes up to a whopping 450ºF (232ºC) - and has 1” ceramic plates infused with tourmaline.

It’s unusual to find a flat iron with solid ceramic plates at this price, so this could be a great option if you’re looking for a ceramic straightener which won’t break the bank.

It’s designed for all hair types and lengths and seems to do a good job on thick, coarse locks as well as relaxed hair.

At the time of writing, the package also includes a heat protectant glove, travel bag and an Argan Oil leave-in conditioning treatment, which means you get a lot for your money.

What I Like

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    100% solid ceramic tourmaline plates
  • heart
    Rounded plates to straighten, curl or wave
  • heart
    Digital LCD Display
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    Adjustable temperature from 240º to 450ºF (115º to 232ºC)
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    Dual voltage

What I don't Like

  • stop
    Can struggle to hold 450ºF
  • stop
    Controls can be hard to reach
  • stop
    Can pull on hair

Features & Benefits

Solid Ceramic Plates

One of the most important choices you’ll be faced with when deciding on a new flat iron is what sort of material the plates are made of. This can make a huge difference in the results you get, as high-quality materials provide an even and constant heat distribution and reduce heat damage.

Lower range straighteners often use metal or cheaper ceramic coatings, which can snag on your hair, dry it out and cause split ends. Ceramic plates are considered to glide more easily to avoid breakages and be kinder to your strands.

This is one of the lowest priced 100% ceramic flat irons I’ve come across and leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft.

Infused With Tourmaline

Ah, that magic word, tourmaline. If you’ve never heard of this before - and if you’re new to the extensive world of flat irons, you probably haven’t - it’s a semi-precious stone which is pulverized into dust and added to whatever material the iron’s plates are made of.

This relatively new technique provides a negative ionic output whilst you style your hair, which helps seal in moisture and reduces frizz and static. It works by counteracting those pesky positive ions which are often the reason your hair looks wild and frizzy instead of sleek and smooth.

I’d definitely recommend choosing a flat iron with this feature, as it helps you straighten faster, your style lasts longer and you can style with fewer passes.

Infrared Heat Technology

Unless we know exactly what we’re looking for, not many of us pay attention to the type of heat a flat iron emits. To be honest it’s used to be something I glossed over when reading a product description.

But now that I’m looking at this model in more detail, it seems far infrared technology creates an efficient and gentle heat which is kinder to your hair. As it is more focused than other types of heaters, it can help keep your hair looking sleek and straight for longer by deeply penetrating hair fibers.

Adjustable Temperature Control

The amount of heat you’ll need to use to create the style you want will depend greatly on your hair type and texture. Fine hair can often be tamed with lower temperatures, whereas thick, coarse or curly hair will need to go a little higher.

You can easily adjust the temperature on this model, which ranges from 240º to 450ºF (115º to 232ºC). It also has a separate button so you can boost the temperature to the max, but I wouldn’t suggest doing this whilst you’re getting to know your straightener.

It’s better to start with a lower heat and experiment a little to see how your hair responds. As every flat iron is different, you might find that a lower heat setting works better for you with this model than it did with others you’ve owned or tried.

Digital LCD Screen

I prefer digital screens to dials, as a quick glance lets me know the exact temperature my iron’s at. Dials can be a harder to read and often end up getting quite stiff after prolonged use.

After holding down the power button for 3 seconds, the display will light up and show you what temperature it’s on. When it reaches the temperature you’ve set it at, it changes color to let you know it’s ready.

Rounded Edges

As I mentioned earlier, using a flat iron doesn’t limit you to creating a smooth, straight look. You can also use it to easily create beach waves and flips, and its negative ion feature will also reduce frizz to keep your curls more defined.This model has plates with rounded edges, which makes it a versatile tool you can use to create styles that match your mood on the day. It also helps reduce the appearance of lines and kinks in your hair.

360º Swivel Cord

This is quite a simple feature which older models lacked and makes it much easier to reach the back of your hair without getting tangled up in the cord. It’s about 6 ft long, so not as long some of the leading brands, but long enough to give you some flexibility in your work space.

Dual Voltage

Anyone traveling between the US and Europe will love this feature, as it means you can take your flat iron with you without having to worry about packing a converter or risk frying your straightener when you visit a different country (which happened to a friend of mine, and she got quite upset!).

Just remember you’ll still need an adapter so you can plug your flat iron into different sockets.

Fast Heat-Up

It takes about a minute for this iron to heat up, which isn’t one of the quickest available on the market, but should give you enough time to divide your hair into sections.

Handy Extras

You get a good deal with the HSI Professional flat iron, as it comes with a heat protectant glove, travel bag and Argan Oil conditioning treatment.

I don’t usually use gloves, as I find I can’t maneuver as well, but the bag is really handy. You can place the iron on it as you’re styling to protect the surface you’re working at, and it also helps keep dust and grime away when you store it.

Social Proof

After scouring the internet I’ve read lots positive reviews from other users. Most people say they get the results they want with one or two passes, which can significantly reduce styling time compared to models that need three or four passes.

There are also lots of comments on how easy it is to use. The LCD display lights up when you turn it on, and then changes color when it’s reached the set temperature. The plates also seem to be a good size for more inexperienced users, as you can easily style your bangs as well as experiment with curls and waves.

Other Alternatives

This is a lesser known brand which is having great success in the online market. It has wider plates than the HSI Pro which can suit longer, thicker hair types. The tongs are slightly angled which should help avoid scolding and make it easier to access hard to reach spots without twisting your wrist.

Its dual voltage feature is handy if you travel outside the US and it also comes with a velvet storage bag. The cord measures about 8 ft so you won’t be too confined to wherever your nearest plug is.

Its nano-titanium plates should make this iron pretty durable and leave your hair feeling smooth and soft.

What I Like

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    Adjustable temperature up to 450ºF
  • heart
    Dual voltage
  • heart
    Automatic shut-off
  • heart
    1.5” nano-titanium plates
  • heart
    Digital LED screen

This is currently one of the cheapest titanium flat irons available and has 1” plates with rounded edges. You can use it to straighten, curl, wave or flip, and it uses a negative ionic output to help eliminate frizz and create longer lasting results.

It has 3 heat settings to choose from depending on your hair type and is controlled by a turn dial. It’s fairly easy to use and a popular choice for people looking for a titanium straightener with added negative ion technology.

What I Like

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    3 heat settings 248º / 356º / 446º F (120º, 180º, 230ºC)
  • heart
    Negative ion technology
  • heart
    1” titanium plates
  • heart
    Dial temperature control
  • heart
    90 second heat-up


The HSI Professional flat iron looks ideal if you’re interested in a versatile straightener with solid ceramic plates and a negative ionic output. It reaches high enough temperatures to suit all hair types and comes at a very reasonable price.

To find out more about the product, just click on the following link: HSI Professional Flat Iron