Kardashian Hair Straightener Review

It can be so difficult to choose the right flat iron. With so many products available and an overload of straightening jargon, I wouldn’t be surprised if you give up the search and buy the first one you come across in the store.

To make things just a little bit easier for you, I go into investigative mode and review all the good-quality straighteners I come across, and today I’ll be looking at the Kardashian Beauty Flat Iron.

Things to consider before buying a flat iron

Ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, infrared heat, nanotechnology… How on earth are you supposed to choose a flat iron without becoming an expert in all these things?

Basically, it comes down to personal preference and your unique styling needs.

If you’re always on the go and use a straightener every day, you could probably benefit from a titanium flat iron. They provide one of the fastest heat transfers for quick results and offer a longer durability.

Ceramic irons are one of the most popular types of heat tools, as they heat evenly and avoid cold or overheated points which can cause damage to your hair. They’re great for home use and help keep your hair healthy, especially if it’s color or chemically treated.

What about ceramic-coated? Whilst this is certainly a better alternative to cheaper metal plates, it doesn’t offer the same protection as 100% ceramic, as there tend to be more heat spikes and can cause that nasty burnt hair smell.

If you’ve never used a straightener before, opting for a ceramic flat iron should help you achieve the exact look you want without frying your hair or drying it out. You can use it to create smooth, silky strands or casual beach waves, so you should get lots of use out of it.

You can use a straightener on almost any hair type, all you need to do is figure out the correct amount of heat your locks need to stay beautifully styled.

First of all, don’t let the name put you off. This Kardashian Flat Iron has been developed with CHI, and it offers great quality at a reasonable price.

It has 100% ceramic plates infused with black seed oil, adjustable temperature settings, a really fast heat up and an automatic shut-off safety feature.

It has a sleek design with a black matt finish and rose gold touches, and a particularly comfortable grip which is appreciated when you spend hours holding an iron!

This is a great choice for novices and straightening pros alike, as it makes styling your hair quick and easy. Its extra long plates allow more hair to be reached in a single pass, so you should be able to cut down on styling time.

Depending on the provider, the package includes a boar bristle brush, but you’ll need to check this with the seller.

What I Like

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    100% ceramic plates
  • heart
    Fast heat up to 420ºF
  • heart
    Automatic shut off
  • heart
    Adjustable temperature
  • heart
    1 pass straightening

What I don't Like

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    The handle can get a bit hot
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    Some durability issues
Features & Benefits

Here are some of the best features and benefits the Kardashian Beauty styler has to offer:

1” Ceramic plates

As I mentioned earlier, ceramic is a particularly popular material for flat irons as it’s non-metallic, inorganic, and provides an even heat distribution. This is important as spikes in temperature can dry out your hair and cause damage such as split ends and breakage.

Using a higher quality material such as this one should help make your hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free, and help your style really last. This model seems particularly good at taming those pesky flyaway hairs that can ruin a sleek and sophisticated look.

It can be so frustrating to spend ages getting your hair just right, just for it to look a frizzy mess a few hours later. So long lasting results are a definite pro!

Kardashian Plates

4” extra long plates

In an ideal world, it would only take a few minutes to style our hair and walk out the door. In reality, we tend to spend hours getting our tresses to look just right, passing over again and again to achieve that perfectly sleek style.  

These extra long plates help target more hair in a single pass, so it’s ideal for thicker, longer hair. It’s a powerful tool which does its job, so you should be able to get lovely straight locks in record time.

30-second heat up

What was I saying about getting out of the door faster? No one has time to hang around waiting for their iron to heat up, so using a model which reaches temperature in less about half a minute is greatly appreciated.

Adjustable temperature settings

This Kardashian Flat Iron has 6 temperatures to choose from and ranges between 360ºF and 420º.

It has color-coded preset heat settings according to your hair type, which makes it really easy to choose your temperature no matter what your hair’s texture is.

For fine hair, you can choose between 360ºF (white) and 375ºF (blue). For medium hair, you can choose between 380ºF (light green) and 395ºF (dark green), and coarse hair ranges between 400ºF (orange) and 420ºF (red).

Of course, you might find your hair responds better to a different temperature than the one recommended, so just experiment a little until the find the right setting for you.

Comfortable grip

Some hair types fall into line with a single pass, especially if it’s naturally straight and fine, but others will require a little more coaxing. Coarse, curly haired gals, you know what I’m talking about!

So if it takes quite a long time to straighten your hair, you’ll appreciate a comfortable grip which doesn’t make your thumb ache. It has quite a slim handle which also makes it easier to be more accurate, especially with your bangs or getting closer to your roots.

1-hour automatic shut-off

It can happen to any of us. You’re feeling a bit bleary eyed in the morning or in a rush to get ready for a night out, and you walk out the door having left your flat iron on.

This is dangerous as it poses a fire risk, and it can also have an effect on the durability of your iron, as keeping it on for hours will wear it out much quicker.

Most good-quality straighteners come with an automatic shut-off feature so that this can be easily avoided. If you do forget to turn it off, this model will automatically shut off after it detects an hour of non-use.

Style that lasts

This straightener is good at what it does and provides long lasting smoothness. You should be able to enjoy silky soft tresses for at least a couple of days, much longer than lower-end models provide.

Doesn’t snag or pull

Aside from damaging your hair, one of the biggest complaints I often hear about flat irons is that your hair gets caught in the plates and falls out as you straighten.

If you ever look down after styling and see loose hair everywhere, this is probably the cause.

The Kardashian straightener offers a really smooth glide which shouldn’t snag or pull, so you end up with an all-round healthier head of hair.

Dual voltage

If you’ve found a great deal online but you’re wondering whether the flat iron will work in your country, good news. This model has dual voltage, so you’ll be able to use it anywhere in the world.

If you’re on the move, it also saves you having to buy a separate travel iron or a converter, so makes life more simple. Life’s complicated enough without having to worry about frying your straightener when you plug it into a socket!

1-year warranty

In case you have any problems with your straightener, this model comes with a 1-year warranty. Just remember to check the details with the seller, as some online retailers don’t qualify for the year warranty.

Social Proof

Reading what other people say about a product is always helpful, so here are some comments I’ve found from other users. It looks like the Kardashian Beauty flat iron works well on all hair types and does a good job at single pass straightening.

Its sleek design seems really popular, as well as the fact that your style holds well all day (if not longer), and it leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth. Most people seem to recommend it!


If you’d like to compare the Kardashian flat iron to other ceramic straighteners in a similar price range, here are a few other options you can take a look at:

You get a great deal with the HSI Professional, as the package includes a heat protectant glove, conditioning argan oil, and a heat pouch to store it in.

You get all the latest technology at a decent price. It has ceramic plates infused with tourmaline which emits a negative ionic output. This helps seal your hair’s cuticles to retain natural moisture and reduces frizz.

It also uses far infrared heat which heats hair fibers from the inside out. This allows for much quicker styling so you can protect your strands from unnecessary heat damage.

What I Like

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    1” Solid ceramic tourmaline plates
  • heart
    Far infrared heat technology
  • heart
    Adjustable temperature control 240ºF to 450ºF
  • heart
    Versatile to straighten, flip or curl
  • heart
    Includes heat resistant glove, argan oil, and heat pouch

It has ceramic plates infused with keratin to help condition your hair as you straighten, as well as smart heat sensors which help provide an even, constant heat. Avoiding heat spikes can really help keep your hair healthy and protect it from drying out.

It has a sleek design and quite a futuristic temperature display built into the handle and reaches really high temperatures in about 30 seconds.

What I Like

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    1” ceramic plates infused with Keratin micro-conditioner
  • heart
    Smart heat sensors to deliver constant heat
  • heart
    5 heat settings from 300ºF to 450ºF
  • heart
    Floating plates with beveled edges to create different styles
  • heart
    30-second heat up and automatic shut-off

This Centrix flat iron has 1” ceramic plates and uses ionic technology to seal in moisture, eliminate frizz and create smooth styles that last. It has rounded edges so you can easily create soft curls and waves as well as straighten.

It’s a lightweight model which uses far infrared heat to heat the hair cortex from within. As well as speeding up styling time, this helps protect your strands from an overexposure to high heat.

It also offers one of the lowest temperatures available, so could be a great option for fine or weakened hair.

What I Like

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    1” ceramic plates and ionic technology
  • heart
    Far infrared heat
  • heart
    Adjustable temperature from 170ºF to 400ºF
  • heart
    Rounded edges for versatile styling
  • heart
    Fast heat up

The Bottom Line

To get the best results from your flat iron it’s best to choose one based on your needs and your hair type. Ceramic straighteners tend to work well for most people, as they offer an even heat distribution and help protect your hair from heat damage.

This model has the added benefit of having plates infused with black seed oil, which provides a beautifully smooth style. With a fast heat-up and long lasting results, it’s a great option for anyone looking for a mid-range styler.

If you’d like to find out more just click on the following link: Kardashian Beauty Flat Iron.