Whether you’re a straightening pro on the hunt for a new model or a novice trying to navigate the vast field of flat irons, it’s always good to find out as much as you can before deciding on a product and spending your hard-earned cash.

I recently came across the NuMe Megastar hair straightener and thought it looked worthy of a more in-depth look. So here’s everything you need to know!

Things to consider before buying a flat iron

I have to confess, I was a little against the idea of flat irons when my friends all started using them, as I was worried I’d end up frying my hair and creating unnecessary damage.

However, now I know what to look for in a hair straightener, I’m much more confident when using one and know how to keep my hair as healthy as ever.

Before you buy one, you should know that flat irons are incredibly versatile tools which can be used to create curls, flips, waves, and of course, the ultimate sleek, straight look.

And having one doesn’t mean you have to absolutely use it every day, it just means that you can have fun changing your style whenever you feel like it.

Using a flat iron can help you create smooth locks which are virtually frizz free, and can also help tame your messy, morning tresses into a sophisticated look without you having to jump in the shower extra early to wash your hair.

You can also use straighteners to define your curls so they hold their style. If you like the idea of a versatile tool, it’s best to go for an iron with beveled edges as these are the easiest to create a range of styles.

If you’re lucky and only need to blow dry your hair to keep it looking glossy and smooth, you probably don’t need to invest in a flat iron. Instead, you could take a look at some of the newer hair dryers on the market that use negative ion technology to combat frizz and flyaways.

Nume Hair Straightener

The NuMe Megastar seems to be an emerging leader in the world of flat irons. It has a slightly higher price range than average, but offers cutting edge technology and delivers everything you could possibly want from a straightener.

It’s available in a variety of colors and has a cool matt finish. It also has a really comfy grip which you’ll appreciate if you’re used to spending hours taming your hair.

The Megastar has tourmaline ceramic plates with a built-in infrared strip, which makes it quite unique. This should mean that heat penetrates directly into the hair shaft, making it quicker to straighten and thus protecting your hair from unnecessary damage.  

Some flat irons come with a handy heat protectant glove, travel bag or hair serum, but unfortunately, this one doesn’t, so you’ll need to buy any extras separately.

However, you’ll be investing in a good-quality, durable straightener which works well on all hair types including frizzy, thick, long, hard-to-manage tresses.

What I Like

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    100% tourmaline ceramic plates
  • heart
    Automatic shut off
  • heart
    Fast heat up time
  • heart
    Great temperature range 190ºF to 450ºF (60­°C to 230°C)
  • heart
    Creates versatile styles

What I don't Like

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    Doesn’t include travel pouch or heat mat
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    Slightly heavy

Features & Benefits

Whilst you’re researching flat irons you’re probably skim-reading all the information available, page after page. But what do some of these features actually mean?

1” Ceramic tourmaline plates

Ceramic plates are considered to be one of the best materials to use as it provides an even heat distribution with fewer heat spots. Spikes in temperature are often the cause behind fried, dry hair, and 100% ceramic plates provide a higher quality finish than those which are just ceramic plated.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone similar to granite which emits negative ions. It’s usually ground into dust and applied on the surface of flat iron plates, and it helps straighten with less heat, seals cuticles to promote shinier hair, and combats frizziness caused by positive ions.

Digital temperature display

If you’ve never used a flat iron before, it’s best to experiment a bit with lower settings first and then work your way up until you find the optimum heat for your hair’s texture. Everyone is different, and coarse, curly hair often requires higher heat than fine, naturally straight locks.

The Megastar’s digital display makes it very easy to adjust it to the temperature you’d like, and when you switch it on you can watch the temperature climb whilst it heats up.

Built-in infrared technology

One of the things that sets this model apart from many other ceramic tourmaline flat irons is the light strip of far infrared heat built into the iron’s plates. 

This allows heat to directly penetrate the hair’s cortex, heating from the inside out. This is important as it lets you cut down on styling time, creates less heat exposure, and therefore less damage to your hair (especially on dry ends).    

Infrared heat also helps lock in your hair’s moisture and seal outer cuticles to keep it looking healthy, conditioned, and smooth.

Nume Infrared

LED ion accelerator

As well as featuring tourmaline plates to help combat frizz, the Megastar also has an ion accelerator to help condition your hair whilst you straighten. This should leave your strands feeling shinier and smoother than ever, and help prolong your style.

It can be so frustrating to spend ages styling your hair only for it to look frizzy a few hours later. This model draws on the best technology available to keep your strands looking sleek, shiny, and beautiful for much longer.

ion Nume Hair Straightener

Super fast heat-up

When I’m getting ready in the morning I’ll do (almost!) anything to get a few more minutes shut eye. You’re talking to a girl who used to eat her porridge on the bus on the way into work just to get a bit more sleep.

That’s why I love how fast this flat iron heats up. It reaches maximum temperature in about 30 seconds, so there’s no unnecessary hanging around and waiting for the plates to get hot enough.

Its temperature ranges from 190ºF to 450ºF, so you should easily find the right setting for your hair type.

Floating plates


This is a great feature if you like to be a bit creative with your hairstyles. Sure, it’s a great tool for creating the ultimate sleek, straight look, but you can also use it to create beachy waves and defined curls.

These plates also help avoid ugly demarcation marks which are all too easy to make with some of the lower-end irons.

Color range

The NuMe Megastar is available in 3 colors; black, turquoise and pink. I think it’s great to have the choice of adding a little color, as so many of my other electronics are either gray or black. Going for a brighter color also makes it easier to spot in my slightly messy bathroom cabinet.

Blue flat iron
Pink flat iron

Automatic Shut-Off

Most modern flat irons have this feature nowadays, in fact, it’s hard to imagine a time when they didn’t. But this handy little feature can give you peace of mind in case you’re in a hurry and forget to turn it off. It happens to all of us!

Once the iron detects 30 minutes of non-use, it automatically switches off. This can also help prolong the life of your flat iron, as leaving it switched on all day can end up taking its toll.

Inside buttons

This really comes down to personal preference, but I like having the buttons on the inside of the handle so I don’t accidentally turn it up or switch it off. It does mean you’ll probably have to stop styling if you need to adjust the temperature settings, but you’ll only be losing a few seconds.

Nume Buttons

Dual voltage

If you don’t go anywhere without your flat iron, you’ll appreciate the Megastar’s dual voltage feature on your next vacation outside the US. It means you won’t have to buy a converter and then remember to pack it, so you’ll have one less thing to think about (and more space clothes).

Long swivel cord

 Just remember you’ll still need an adapter, as there are over 15 different types of electrical outlet plugs used around the world. Who knew?

YouTube: Unbiased Review

Social Proof

Reaching the back of your hair can be tricky, especially if you have long, thick tresses. A flat iron with a long swivel cord gives you more room to maneuver without contorting your wrist into strange positions, and doesn’t chain you to the wall socket.

After doing a little online reading I’ve found lots of positive reviews which seem to prove the NuMe Megastar is vastly popular. It does a great job on thick, frizzy hair, and delivers lasting results.It looks like its best features are how quickly you can straighten your hair, and how healthy and shiny it feels thanks to its infrared heat technology.

Take a look at what some other users have been saying about it:

Other Alternatives

Here are a few options in a similar price range so you can compare the NuMe Megastar to other alternatives.

The Platinum is one of GHD’s higher end models. It offers consistent, even heat to minimize damage due to heat exposure, and creates a sleek, shiny look.

According to GHD, 365ºF is the optimum temperature for styling all hair types, so that’s the only temperature you can work with. As it’s a high-quality iron that delivers great results most people don’t have any issues with this, but it comes down to personal preference.

It’s a really versatile tool so you can easily create waves, curls or pin-straight locks, and its unique wishbone hinge helps avoid applying too much pressure and tugging your hair.

What I Like

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    1” Ceramic plates
  • heart
    20 second heat-up
  • heart
    Set temperature 365ºF
  • heart
    30 minute auto shut-off
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    Great for colored or chemically treated hair

T3’s Single Pass features tourmaline ceramic plates to help combat frizz, seal your hair’s cuticles and provide a shinier finish. It’s marketed as a true “single pass” styler, which means you can cut down on the time it takes to straighten your tresses.

Its beveled plates are extra flexible to make it easier to create versatile styles, and it provides a smooth glide with no tugging or snagging.

It’s suitable for all hair types and lengths, and uses a microchip to control temperature fluctuation and provide consistent heat. The package also includes two hair clips and a heat mat, so you get slightly more for your money.

What I Like

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    1” Tourmaline ceramic plates
  • heart
    Fast heat-up
  • heart
    5 temperature settings (260ºF to 410ºF)
  • heart
    1 hour auto shut-off
  • heart
    Beveled plates for creative styling

The Pro G2 uses titanium infused ceramic plates to offer more durability and a much smoother glide than previous models. It has an LCD screen and digital temperature control which comes with preset recommended heat settings according to your hair type.

It has a sleek design and well-placed buttons to avoid switching it off or bumping up the temperature whilst you’re styling. If you have thick, coarse hair this could be a great option for you, as it gets the job done quickly.

What I Like

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    1” Titanium infused ceramic plates
  • heart
    40 second heat-up
  • heart
    Digital temperature control up to 425ºF
  • heart
    Pre-set recommended heat settings
  • heart
    Smooth glide with no tugging

To find out more about any of these products just click on the link in each header.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes we need a little help to get our out of control hair looking smooth, shiny and frizz-free. But there’s no point compromising your hair’s health by frying it with uneven heat.

The NuMe Megastar flat iron might seem a little expensive, but you’ll be investing in a high-quality iron which straightens your tresses in record time and protects and conditions hair fibers.

By heating hair from within it improves shine and helps keep frizz at bay, so your hair should feel silky soft and healthier than ever (something I didn’t think was possible after regularly using a flat iron!)

Click here to check out the current price or to find out more: NuMe Megastar